Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Balls

There is a wide variety of golf balls available on the market and shopping for one can be quite overwhelming. If you’re searching for a ball that can help you accomplish specific tasks on the green, your choices can be narrowed down by looking into a few factors.

Some balls are soft and intended to spin easily; both of these properties help advanced players achieve higher level of precision over shots. Others are designed to assist golfers with achieving a great distance off the tee. For you to choose the golf ball that matches your game perfectly, it is essential for you to understand its specifications. Here are the most important factors to consider.


The spin of a golf ball affects the amount of control a player has for his shots. Some balls can give a golfer maximum control by reducing the range to which the golf ball spins when it is hit. This helps the golfer combat slices and hooks. There are three classes of balls based on the spin they offer: low spin, mid spin and high spin.


Low spinning balls decrease the side spin and allow the ball to travel straight through the air. This leads to an increased roll of the ball upon landing. Balls with mid spin aim to combine the best of both feel and distance. They are suitable for most golfers and are most commonly produced by major manufacturers. Lastly, high spinning balls will help you increase the spin of your ball while it travels in the air. If you strike a golf ball with a draw from right to left, you may greatly benefit from this type of ball.


Golf ball manufacturers constantly push the limits of the construction of golf balls. There used to be only four kinds under this category; but with the addition of five-piece balls, the choice of players become more wide-ranging.

The most basic of all are the one-piece balls. These are durable and have a soft feel when they are struck. They are least expensive but not often used because if their lower compression. Two-piece balls incorporate complete distance and durability. These balls have a firmer feel but cannot be controlled as easily as balls with a soft feel.

Three-piece balls have the ability to spin more and are softer, making them easily controllable. Balls that are made of three-piece often have several layers to provide players with better spin separation. Four-piece balls likewise have more layers but they offer better feel as well as control. The five-piece ball, which is the latest development in the world of ball design, offers improved performance and spin separation. They may be the priciest, but their properties are of the highest level.

Distance and Compression

Golf baGolf balls that offer better distance respond quickly when hit by a club. These balls are often hard and can assist some golfers in achieving additional 10-20 yards. Another golf ball property that is important to look into is the compression. Compression is the measure of deflection that a ball undergoes upon being struck.

It can be anywhere from 0 to 200, with 0 being a golf ball with a deflection of 5mm or more, and 200 being a golf ball that doesn’t compress at all. Most balls have a compression ranging from 50 to 100. Balls with higher compression provide better control and are often used by players who are able to produce quicker swing speeds. On the other hand, balls with lower compression compress more in order to create greater distance. These balls are usually softer than high compression balls.


While golf balls may appear relatively similar, they actually have different outside covers which affect the way they perform. A golf ball with a soft cover offers more feel but is not as resistant to abrasions and scrapes as a golf ball with a hard cover. The dimples of the balls, which can be between 300 to 500 in number, influence the way the golf ball flies through the open air. Balls with fewer but larger dimples tend to fly higher above the ground compared to balls with more dimples.


Buying a golf ball pack can be quite costly, especially for beginners who have the tendency to lose a great deal of balls in the water, woods and other complex areas. For this reason, it is a good idea to gather up all the balls you can find and make use of them. A common place to find missed balls is in the water, can be on the course pond or in a lake.

However, remember that a golf ball that has spent a long time being submerged travels shorter distances on the drive. If you’re a beginner, this may not be of importance. But for avid golfers and professionals, distance is crucial and losing a bit of it is never an option.


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