Best SEO Companies Debunked: SEO Myths and Misconceptions


It appears that a lot of people have something to say when it comes to website optimization so your page can make it big in the search engine rankings. With the emergence of this fact over the last few years, numerous misconceptions and myths about SEO have become common in the industry. This article will present some of the myths that the best internet marketing companies have managed to get rid of in the long run. These companies have not only dealt with these but also educated other institutions to do the same.

Odd reciprocal link system is helpful, but multiple and deep site links can be enough to raise serious concerns for your site.

The problem with this system is the fact that incoming links to the sites concerned are considered as a plus for your official page. Trading of “site votes” has already been rampant because this is known to help improve the search engine standings. This translates to the fact that the results do not necessarily reflect the reliability of the search engines in yielding supposedly relevant websites.

The best internet marketing companies have recently debunked the claim that the paid searches can greatly help in improving the SEO rankings for your official site.

myth-factContrary to popular belief, spending more funds and time on PPC (pay per click) advertisement will not necessarily improve your search engine rankings. Most of the experienced and successful online marketers have already denied this and claimed that they already have effective information barriers to help avoid interest conflict between the advertising teams and the search teams. Therefore, you should not purely rely on this strategy to up your site ranking. Do you really want your site ranking to be up visit SEOExplode.

Among the myths and misconceptions that are usually busted, concerns on keyword density remains as one of the most commonly discussed.

Formerly, internet marketers regard keyword density has a mathematical formula that will divide the word count of a page by the number of times that the given keyword has appeared. They believed that the search engines use this ratio to determine the relevance of the site as well as its overall ranking. Over the years, this has already been dispelled.

Turning in submission forms to numerous search engines has long been debunked by the best internet marketing companies.

During the late 1990s, most of the search engines had the submission forms that enabled the webmasters to communicate to the search engines that their sites currently exist. After they turn in the forms, the algorithm of the search engines will eventually crawl to these sites for more information on their relevance and their content.

Because of the large opportunity to manipulate the system, the process has been ended during the first part of 2000. The low reliability of the webmasters that turned in the form also contributed to the shutdown of this system.

Meta tags can help in increasing your site’s search engine rankings but just like the concerns in keyword density, proper placement and distribution should be observed.

Meta tags can help dictate the ranking of your site in search engine results without using difficult algorithms to execute this. However, spam sites began relentlessly abusing this system. This does not imply that the meta tags system should be entirely abandoned. Although the tag headings should be minimized, the meta descriptions of the pages should be used to your site’s advantage. These seemingly short paragraphs that range from 150 characters to 160 characters are not only considered as a good starting point for search engine indexing but also an opportunity for your clients to see what your entire site is all about.

Internet MarketingThe best internet marketing companies make it a point to attend numerous seminars and workshops to help them stay updated on the latest myths and misconceptions that have recently been discovered. You may also do the same if you want to improve your official business site. In the long run, these can help you further understand the most common keywords that your potential market uses to gain access to your official business site.